Re-entry Made Possible by Response

Daroff Design Inc. has expert design and research resources committed to finding the most efficient and effective solutions for our clients, friends and colleagues to safely return to their workplaces. We understand the need to safely ramp up productivity after quarantine requirements are lifted. As a result of our diligent preparation and investigation, we are primed and ready to serve as a resource during the re-planning, modification, renovation and re-entry into professional facilities.

While we have found we can work remotely during this pandemic, we also have to acknowledge that virtual is not the end all and be all solution. We all miss the ease of communication and effectiveness of in-person collaboration. Human interaction remains a vital component for our wellbeing. It’s Daroff Design’s goal to partner with our clients and specialty consultants to develop new design standards that address density control, social distancing measures and increased approved hygiene protocols while supporting innovation and creativity.

We recognize that the physical wellbeing, mental health and increased safety of our clients, employees, executives and visitors is of the utmost importance during the preparation for workplace re-entry. Employees need to feel safe and protected. We welcome the opportunity to help our clients communicate and implement visible modifications to their environments, including workplace, wellness and food service.

Daroff Design Inc. is more than just an interior design and architecture firm. We are proven thoughtful problem solvers, planners and strategic consultants. Through nearly five decades of loyal commitment to our clients and colleagues, we are prepared to partner with you to create planning strategies and develop and implement programs based on employee feedback and culture.

Our in-depth research and information on suggested best practices and procedures regarding re-entry to the workplace is available now. You can view the white paper below and download the PDF here.