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Mars 2112

DDI provided interior architecture and design for the hyper-immersive Mars 2112 themed entertainment restaurant. Mars 2112 is a space age “must see” dining and family entertainment experience. The event dining venue treats its guests to a journey to Mars and an exploration of the Red Planet. Friendly Martian drones work constantly to protect visitors from the harsh Martian conditions, assuring excellent dining service and a 100% survival rate for a safe return to Earth.

A ramp leads guests towards an Earth Spaceport wherethey receive Martian visas and tickets for the voyage to Mars. After a four-minute virtual ride through space, customers arrive at the 32,000 square feet restaurant/entertainment facility and are drawn to a recently landed “spaceship” which hovers in the plaza pit.

Immediately visitors cross hot lava pools and descenda grand stair leading to the dining area, designed to resemble an inhabited Martian crater.

Mars 2112 was named Best Themed Venue by Nightclub and Bar Magazine and received the Award of Excellence by Corporate Image Brochure.