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1717 Arch Street

DDI was retained to create a 50,000 SF environment that could accommodate one of several groups housed outside of the Comcast Center while maintaining the brand environment created for the Comcast Center. The design challenge was to create this environment with a more economical budget; with lower ceiling heights and a greater density of people than had been established for the original Comcast Center.

While the universal planning approach included one office size and one workstation size, minor variations were incorporated to meet the group’s specific needs. The unique shape of the building lent itself to accommodating the programmatic goals of a large collaborative environment.

The ratio of open to closed work environments was approximately 60% open to 40% closed; a ratio slightly higher than in the Comcast Center. For this project, 12.5% of the usable area was dedicated to a mixture of traditional enclosed conference rooms, small informal open and closed meeting environments and private telephone booths. This concept leverages a higher  percent-age of space for shared functions while decreasing space allocated for individual.